「I met Jack in the December of 2010, except not really」

「This is the only photo I have of Jack. The flash was on」

「I took a taxi with Jack. It was a full moon. He leaned out the window and howled at the moon. When I asked him why he pretended that he didn't.
I saw you, Jack. I saw you」

「Jack isn't really called Jack. He says his real name is John, but really it's Charlie. His real last name is unknown」

「Jack has the cold hard stare of a man who has no interest in wether you live or die
(this phrasing is misleading as Jack is technically of neither sex or gender)」

「Jack has at least two arms」

「Jack has several favourite graveyards. He can wax on about them for ages.
Learn from my mistake; do not ask about them

「Jack's favourite food is walnuts. He eats at least a bag a day」

「Jack cannot grow a beard, and wears a chest merkin」

「Jack has told me at least three times about when he met Graham Norton.
I think he is Jack's personal hero」

「A bag of rice at your bedside will ward away Jack」