「Jesus christ allthe drink」
「Darren gets two breezers and two lemonade and something. they are all for him」
「Walid gets two pitchers f something」
「Steve gets two pitchers of something」
「after a long wait I am served, and get 4 beers」
「I down one immediately」
「Jesus Darren drinks a lot」
「"I'm worried about Darren"」
「I'm not」
「Steve gets two more pitchers」
「I can't hear shit」
「I drink one of the pitchers」
「"I don't REALLY kow where I am." - to Josh. No responce.」
「I am gonna talk about lesbians」
「I am bored」
「I'm gonna leave」
「Is Nerro open?」
「I'm getting a waffle」
「Do I like Oreos?」
「I'll have the matrshmallow surprise」
「They serve coffee」
「I'll have a latte」
「I put the latte in my pocket while I eat my waffle」
「oh shit, my latte is spilling」
「I drink my latte」
「Let's text peopel. I am lonely.」
「"How's life back home?" - to Emily (OkCupid). No responce.」
「"Let's each think up a topic and we'll do 10 min on each" - to Josh. No responce.」
「I should have some proper food」
「I'll have a bratwurst in a bun please」
「like that fat lady」
「"this isnt ours"」
「it is the loyalty card for the asian resturant. I think they closed?」
「Here's your card」
「I'll put mustard and ketchup on it. like a hot dog.」
「I think I will have frozen yogurt」
「"She wants you to pay"」
「pay for your fucking yogurt so I can get mine」
「"My usualt drunk txt r not responding. How does new Duty compare?" - to Brittney. No responce」
「I am waiting for an unusually long time」
「"Are you waiting for mochi and brownie?"」
「"here you are, sorry for the wait"」
「no problem, mate」
「let's walk through Soho to leciester square, and then cut through china town」
「"We have fro yo now. Its no comparison" - to Noel. No responce.」
「let's get the train from Tottenham court road」
「"I've got no signal at all"」
「""I've got no signal at all" - Stupid fat woman on underground" - to Josh.」
「get off train」
「Get on other train」
「"Hahahaha fat slut" - responce from Josh」
「start reading paper」
「"Jork." - to Jack Sullivan」
「"Hail" - responce from Jack Sullivan」
「"I don't have nearly enough Satan to meet quota" - to Jack Sullivan. No responce.」
「sit on floor and continue reading paper」
「happy couple sit opposite me」
「I seat in chair, attempting to immitate a normal person」
「couple start to kiss」
「I put on Tallahasse my The Mountain Goats and pull hat over eyes」
「some time passes and someoe in the opposite row brushes my knee」
「I sit up slightly straighter」
「I wake up when arriving at Chingford and pull my hat up」
「Happy couple seem surprised that I woke up」
「I walk to the dirty chicken」
「I get two chicken burgers」
「The man there recognises me because I used to be there a lot」
「he smirks at me ordering two chicken burgers」
「The other man is not the one I recognise. I have not seen that man in a long time and I wonder why」
「The chicken burgers make me feel a bit sick, but I finish them both」
「I get in. No dogs bark」
「soon the small dog barks」
「I greet the big dog.」
「I make the small dog roll over and I scratch her belly」
「The big dog tries to lick my mouth where I assumedly smell of chicken」
「I get water 」
「I tell my mum about how much darren drinks. because of course, I never drink」
「I go to my room」
「I get my new PJ bottoms out of my bag and put them on.」
「I put on my peanut butter wolf record.」
「I start to write up my evening. Only the text messages are copy very carefully from my phone.」
「I think about putting this online. 」
「I do」